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“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

south America

With GMA, your motorcycle journey isn’t just a trip, it’s a chapter in your life story.

 Whether you’re tracing the curves of scenic highways or navigating rugged off-road trails, we empower you to create memories that last a lifetime. 

In total around 7500 km,
In average between 200 km and 500 km daily

Tour starts and ends:
Start-San Antonio-Chile

End-San Antonio- Chile

Carratera Austral-Puerto Varas-Puyuhuapi-Passo del Condores—Puerto Rio Tranquilo—Tortel—Puerto Natales-Torres del Paine-Rio Grande-Ushuaia-Perito Moreno Glacier-Mount Fitz Roy-Bariloche

» Comfortable 3* & 4* stars hotels and Airbnb.



Choose the type of room in which you will be staying. If you are participating with a passenger, we recommend to choose a double room.

1 place in Double Room- 7450 Eur

Single room -8550 Eur

Passenger in car– 4950 Eur

Your own motorcycle transport cost, organized by GMA -2450 Eur -Cluj Napoca-Chile-Cluj Napoca.

If you are not participating with your own bike and you want to rent a motorcycle from us for this tour :

BMW R1250 GS -3900 Eur


On the first day after landing, we will check the equipment. We will inventory every piece we sent from home and start preparing it to load onto the motorcycles.

The second day, we will set out from San Antonio towards Puerto Montt, the beginning of the Carretera Austral, a stretch of almost 1000 km that we will cover in two parts. This section includes a visit to a national park where we will explore one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Chile, or we might spend the night in one of Chile's traditional cities, preparing ourselves for the following day. Being only the second day, this day might be considered an adjustment day to the new time zone.

We will head with all our strength towards Puerto Montt, but just before reaching there, we won't miss a visit to Puerto Varas, a beautiful town - where we have a surprise prepared for you. In the evening, we will spend time right at the entrance to the famous Carretera Austral in a small town with Chilean charm and a lot of European history behind it.

The first day we will meet the fjords on the Pacific coast, as well as ascend and descend on the famous ferries essential in this part of the world. If you have ever dreamed of traveling through a wild and timeless land, know that you will begin that journey on Day 4. Our exploration will cover asphalt and gravel roads over a length of approximately 250 km, where the desire to stop for a photograph will be felt at every turn.

We depart from Cahiten, a very important point, and in the next 220 km of this day, we will traverse two national parks on an asphalt road, yet we will feel the wild side of nature unfolding along the way. We will arrive in the evening in Puyuhuapi, a town founded in 1936 by Germans. So, don't be surprised that in the evening, we will have dinner on Frankfurter Strasse, at one of the local restaurants where German is spoken even today.

This is the day we will cross Passo del Condores at altitudes of over 2000 meters in a breathtaking landscape. We will enjoy this because generally, we will be the only ones on that road; traffic will be almost nonexistent. We will reach Coyhaique around noon, which is the capital of the Aysen region. After a quick lunch, we will head towards one of the most beautiful areas on the Carretera Austral, Puerto Rio Tranquilo. Because we have already accustomed ourselves to our adventure, on Day 6, we will cover 420 km on legendary roads. The feeling that our adventure is straight out of travel documentaries will accompany us throughout this day, and in the evening, we will stop in Puerto Rio Tranquilo. We will take a day off there, and the next day, we will visit a famous natural monument, Marble Cathedral.

A day where we bid farewell to asphalt, and the next 230 km will be all gravel, but our effort will be well worth it. Besides the road traversing picturesque landscapes, we will reach one of the gems of this famous land, the town of Tortel. We will stay overnight here and will meet for the first time those who live in a city with no streets. But we won't tell you more because we don't want to spoil the surprise of discovering this place on your own.

We will head to the Yungay port, the place where we will take a ferry that will offer us a well-deserved 40-hour break. We will land in the most isolated town in Chile, where people still live by hunting seals and whales. We will pass through famous straits that connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; we will see mountains with glaciers and shores where probably no one has ever set foot. After approximately 40 hours, we will arrive in Puerto Natales, the place where the story of gold seekers and those who dared to explore the famous Torres del Paine begins.

Torres del Paine is probably the most beautiful and famous national park globally. That's why this whole day will be dedicated to exploring this land frozen by numerous glaciers, stealing your gaze at every step. After 180 km and a surprise visit, we will return to Puerto Natales.

Torres del Paine is probably the most beautiful and famous national park globally. That's why this whole day will be dedicated to exploring this land frozen by numerous glaciers, stealing your gaze at every step. After 180 km and a surprise visit, we will return to Puerto Natales.

We will acquaint ourselves with the southern part of the Pampas and head towards the Magellan Strait. The road will pass through the land desired by both Chile and Argentina, so don't be too amazed if the warnings about the mined terrain lining the road persist for many kilometers. Here, everything around us will be as flat as the eye can see, and the motorcycles will have to eat the asphalt. We will cross the Magellan Strait, and depending on our mood, we will push to reach Ushuaia or spend the night in Rio Grande, a city founded in the early 19th century by a Romanian born in Bucharest. Even though the distance to cover this day is almost 500 km, asphalt will accompany us throughout, and traffic is almost nonexistent.

Ushuaia, the End of the Earth. A place where we will take a 2-day break. We will visit penguin colonies, go to where the road ends, and of course, experience the famous Argentine cuisine, which undoubtedly will not disappoint us.

We will explore the End of the Earth, the surprising city of Ushuaia. If until now we have spent entire days on motorcycles, on this day, we will do everything on foot. Because alongside Argentine cuisine, we will fully indulge in Argentine wine, a combination that does not align well with motorcycle riding.

We will start exploring the land from the end of the Earth on motorcycles, a maximum of 150 km. We will go to where the road ends completely, and nothing follows, this point being the closest point to the South Pole accessible by wheel. In the second part of the day, we have a surprise visit planned in a landscape straight out of movies.

We leave Ushuaia and take on the famous Ruta 3. We hope with all our hearts that the already well-known wind that always blows from west to east is as gentle as possible, and our progress towards El Calafate will be smooth. On our way, we will pause in Rio Gallegos after 360 km.

We depart from Rio Gallegos and try to use a local trick to avoid the headwind, heading towards El Calafate, which is 260 km away. You will be surprised by the local charm of the town, and you will soon find out that this is due to the largest glacier in the world nearby, which we will visit in the nearby national park, Perito Moreno Glacier. About Perito Moreno, whatever is said wouldn't be enough, so we can't wait to hear your impressions about this place.

This is the day we will visit another great colossus, Mount Fitz Roy. It impresses from tens of kilometers away and is a gateway to the Great Pampas, which we will traverse either on the famous Ruta 3 or, weather permitting, through the foothills of the Andes to the North for the next 380 km. We remind you that this is not a tour; it is an adventure in itself, and we cannot predict everything that happens months in advance. Route modifications can occur at any time due to weather or road conditions.

We head towards Comodoro Rivadavia, a transit city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean that will allow us to speed through the Pampas where the wind and wild guanacos reign. We will try to cover more than 500 km on a straight road with a lunar landscape encompassing everything we see around us.

We will enter the famous Ruta 40, the road that crosses Argentina from south to north, and head towards Bariloche. But before that, we will take a short break where dinosaur skeletons are as common as archaeological sites in Europe. A day in which we try as much as possible to get closer to Bariloche. We will delve deep into Argentine farmer territories, and the variety of the terrain will divert our attention from the road. In the evening, we will spend the night in one of the towns along the way, depending on the kilometers covered.

We will arrive in Bariloche, a mountain resort of reference in Argentina, with localities strung along the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi like beads. It's the penultimate day in Argentina, and the next day, depending on the group's spirit, we will take a well-deserved break.

We return to Chile passing next to Osorno Volcano and head directly towards Santiago de Chile or San Antonio, where we will bid farewell and begin to reminisce about the adventure stories gathered in the last 3 weeks. The road section is about 750 km, which will be covered in 2 days.

Of course, we have another surprise for you, but we won't reveal it until the right moment.



Motorcycle transport Cluj Napoca-Chile-Cluj Napoca.

Assistance of a GMA experienced guide on a motorbike.

Detailed route for the tour.

Support VAN for luggage and passenger.

Basic maintenance if necessary but remember that your motorbike is your responsibility.

  • 20 nights accommodation on 3* and 4* hotels and Airbnb(in the cities where we don’t have hotels).
  • 20 complete breakfasts.

Airport transfer if necesarry.

Pictures and after movie from entire adventure will be received by every participant.

At the end of the tour, each participant will receive a video and photos taken and edited by our colleague who will be with us throughout the tour to capture this experience. On this occasion, you will have a memory to share with your friends.

Each participant will receive a personalized GMA T-shirt, stickers, a detailed program, and the GPX route for entire journey.

Motorcycle rental (all motorcycles are insured with Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance).

24 hours technical support.


Embark on a 21-day epic motorcycle adventure, exploring Chilean wonders and Argentine marvels.

Traverse the Carretera Austral, visit volcanoes, fjords, and glaciers. 

Encounter untamed nature, remote towns, and unique surprises. An odyssey from San Antonio to Ushuaia, then back via Ruta 40, crafting unforgettable memories at the world’s end. 

Join us and let the road redefine your journey.


Daily times are calculated based on distances and the difficulty of the road.

The GMA team will consider the level of each participant, and daily road sections will be adapted so that they can be covered by each participant in this adventure. 

It goes without saying that route modifications may occur, but these changes are part of our adventure.

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