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Travel, motorcycle, adventure, family….that’s me

I was born in Transylvania, Romania, where I also live and run my company. I spent my free time with my family and riding my GS. Besides this I enjoy skiing, music, knowing different cultures, and everything related to travel.I started this adventure out of my passion for motorcycles, aiming to explore new territories on two wheels.

Sharing the same passion and vision with my partners Titus and Sebi, we thought also to share it with you, those who want to step out of their comfort zone, get to know new cultures and reach places that will take your breath away. We welcome you to be part of our community and explore this incredible world with us. Together we can ride towards new horizons and make unforgettable memories along our journey.

We want to inspire you to embrace the freedom of the open road, to feel the wind, the smells, and the dust from the other part of the world, and to experience the thrill of embarking on unknown journeys. Through our shared passion for motorcycles, we hope to create a community where adventure knows no bounds.

Join us, and let’s ride together into uncharted horizons and embrace the spirit of adventure.



Here I am! At the point where everything I have achieved so far, pales next to what I am doing at this moment.

It sounds funny, but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore that I am a civil engineer with a career of over 25 years in real estate and it is much more important that I finally managed to take the step towards the most beautiful job in the world. Exploring everything that our ancestors discovered.

If I had known from the beginning how beautiful it is to explore the world, I would have taken this step much earlier, because along with the feeling of fulfillment came the feeling of happiness.

In the beginning, I took my friends and explored all of Europe, from Nordkapp to Tarifa, and this time, I didn’t think much and I started to travel to the other end of the earth, to Ushuaia.

I no longer know what monotony and stress mean, I easily leave my comfort zone and enjoy everything that follows around the corner.
In short, traveling changed my life.
I can’t wait to discover new places together with you and the most beautiful thing you will discover, is yourself.


Content Creator

Hello, I’m a young content creator from Romania and I’m passionate about extreme sports and nature and that’s what you are gonna see here.

Running a small business in video production with a 7-year experience. I am at the helm of a small-scale video production venture, bringing seven years of expertise to the field.

Over the years, I’ve honed my craft, delivering high-quality video content that resonates with clients and audiences alike. From concept development and scriptwriting to shooting, editing, and final production, my journey has been one of continuous learning and creative exploration.

I’m dedicated to translating ideas into visually captivating stories, leveraging my extensive experience to provide top-notch video solutions


What Makes Us Different

With GMA, your motorcycle journey isn’t just a trip. it’s a chapter in your life story. 

Whether you’re tracing the curves of scenic highways or navigating rugged off-road trails, we empower you to create memories that last a lifetime. 

Embark on a GMA adventure and let the road unfold the extraordinary, one mile at a time.

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