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“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

north cape

The North Cape tour will start from Helsinki. You will hand over the motorcycles for the tour in Cluj-Napoca, and we will take care of their transportation to Helsinki, while you will travel by plane. Upon your return, the tour will conclude in Malmo, where you will return the motorcycles, and we will handle their transportation back to Cluj-Napoca for you to pick up. We follow this procedure to avoid losing two days on the highways of Austria and Germany and to spare you from this monotonous route, offering you a spectacular itinerary from the first day of the tour.

In total around 5500 km,
In average between 200 km and 600 km daily

Tour starts and ends:


Rovaniemi-Nordkapp-Lofoten Islands-Fiords of Norway

» Comfortable 3* & 4* stars hotels and Airbnb




Choose the type of room in which you will be staying. If you are participating with a passenger, we recommend to choose a double room.

1 place in Double Room- 5750 Eur

Single room -6350 Eur

Passenger – 3950 Eur

If you are not participating with your own bike and you want to rent a motorcycle from us for this tour :

BMW R1250 GS -1850 Eur


On July 12, you will arrive in Helsinki by plane. You will pick up the motorcycles, and there will be a night of rest before the start of the adventure. The departure from Helsinki is scheduled for July 13.

Pay attention to the speed limits in the Scandinavian countries. For exceeding the speed limit by 10 km/h, fines can go up to 250 euros.

Due to its large population and geopolitically economic and cultural-historical location, Oulu has been called the "capital of Northern Finland". Oulu is also considered one of Europe's "living labs", where residents experiment with new technology.

Even though this stage is only 230 km, it's worth taking at a slow pace because there are plenty of breathtaking landscapes. First and foremost, the road runs along the Baltic Sea, and due to the position of the sun, the surrounding nature offers a spectacular show.

Then, the road heads towards Rovaniemi, which is also the village of Santa Claus, and of course, there you cross the Arctic Circle. At the Arctic Circle crossing, there is Santa Claus's Post Office where you can meet Santa in person. In the same location, there are plenty of surprises waiting for you that I can't wait for you to see.

Finally, into the wilderness. Even though the road isn't very winding, it's constructed like massive slides that take the road downhill in a straight line across the hills, as if you're drawing a line and disregarding the contours of the terrain. The road passes by dozens of lakes, and Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. All these crossings over and along the lakes provide an extraordinarily beautiful view.

The road isn't challenging at all, and due to the fact that you can see for long distances with the naked eye, it feels like the sky is bending in front of you. On this road, wild reindeer herds start to appear. Because of this, the one leading the group must be constantly alert and warn the others.

Accommodation along the way can be found in several places, including some campsites located along the rivers, which are practically everywhere. Regarding accommodation, it's worth mentioning that there's practically no night during the summer, so the sun sets around 11 PM, but there is light all the time. For this reason, the motorcycle journey during the day can be extended as much as possible.

The landscape is typical of densely wooded tundra areas, and once you cross into Norway, small mountain formations appear with altitudes of up to 1000 meters, but at the same time, they are spectacular.

Urban signs are mostly concentrated around the gas stations on the road, and practically, that's where the commercial centers are as well.

This stage of the journey is one where you'll constantly be amazed by everything happening on the road. Besides the terrain and small lakes along the way, the curvature effect of the blue sky becomes increasingly pronounced. It's very clear that near the North Pole and in the Arctic region, things are quite different, and every curve offers a reason for wonder.

The first part of the road until reaching the shores of the Barents Sea is full of hills formed by giant rock monoliths from which continuous streams flow, forming waterfalls, especially during the summer months when the snow melts. When the road reaches the shores of the Barents Sea, the landscape becomes spectacular because, with the sun on the left side to the west all the time, the light penetrates the sea, giving it a unique color. But let's not forget that all of these sights are best observed when it's not raining. It is known that it rains quite a bit in the Arctic region during the summer.

Nordkapp is the most northern point of Europe that can be reached by wheel. Its position is spectacular, and the island it is located on (accessed through a tunnel) seems like it's taken from Viking movies.

Of course, there are questions about what can be seen on this route and what extraordinary experiences are worth having on this journey. In addition to cultural experiences starting from simple things, customs, gastronomy, localities, etc., we will have sections of the route that are farther from civilization.

I must say that the entire Scandinavia has an extremely well-developed road network, but there are also those side roads that offer the opportunity to travel into the heart of nature.

This is the first day of the 'descent' towards the South, and at the same time, it's the first day when we will get acquainted with the Norwegian fjords. The entire landscape is composed of rock monoliths that descend abruptly into the Atlantic Ocean. The road is not challenging, but it is incredibly rich in spectacular views. Accommodations in such areas will mostly be in cabins within campgrounds.

This marks the entrance into the famous Lofoten archipelago. The place of stone monoliths is replaced by sharp mountain formations that line dozens of coves with spectacular passages. The terrain is so rugged that everything along the road seems to be taken from a story. Camping spots are abundant, and hiking trails appear. Moreover, in the Lofoten Islands, it's worth trying to climb one of the peaks very close to the camping spot in the European locality with the shortest name, A.

This is one of the most beautiful routes on the planet. One of the essential elements for everything to be perfect is the weather. If there is no fog and no rain, everything looks like a fairy tale. The height of the mountain range that guards the road is so imposing and close to the road that the trails seem incredibly steep. Everything appears extremely close, and thanks to the very clean air that provides excellent visibility.

A significant factor enhancing this landscape is the colors. Everything is of an intense green, and all the Norwegian houses come in a multitude of colors, like beads scattered on a green carpet.

The route is not difficult at all, and it's especially worth making a stop in the last locality of the route, A.

Our goal, after leaving the Lofoten Islands, is to descend as quickly as possible from the Arctic Circle due to low temperatures. The next objective is the Atlantic Road, considered the most dangerous road in Europe but also the most spectacular due to the shape of the bridges on the road. The route is not difficult at all and is rather deserted, with smooth relief on either side of the road

The settlement was founded in 997 as a trading post and served as the capital of Norway from the Viking Age until 1217. 

This stage includes the Atlantic Road, which, in reality, has a fairly short length, much to the delight of those who want to traverse this spectacular stretch. Then comes the Trollstigen, that hairpin road climbing over 1500 meters in altitude, leading through a wild landscape to the Geiranger National Park.

Afterward, we head towards Geiranger National Park, another spectacular location in Norway. It involves those fjords that penetrate deeply into the land and attract thousands of tourists with cruise ships, both on the water and on land.

On a spectacular route, we head towards one of the most famous natural landmarks worldwide, Trolltunga. To reach this place, it takes nearly a day of hiking, and the images, I believe, cannot be replaced by any text or presentation.

In the area, there are dozens of points of interest that attract photography enthusiasts, so a lot of patience is required. The motorcycle route is impressive, but everything unfolds through a highly developed road infrastructure, which steals a bit of the charm of the journey.

Only 250 kilometers on a motorcycle, but dozens of sights to see. If we search the internet for the most famous and spectacular places in Norway, we will see that they are right along the route from Trolltunga to Preikestolen, and of course, we cannot miss what nature has built. Once there, it's worth taking a break and exploring everything in the area."

Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, is a steep cliff located in the municipality of Strand in Rogaland county, Norway. It rises 604 meters (1,982 feet) above Lysefjorden, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape

Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway. It constitutes both a county and a municipality. The municipality of Oslo had a population of 709,037 in 2022, while the city's greater urban area had a population of 1,064,235 in 2022, and the metropolitan area had an estimated population of 1,546,706 in 2021.

During the Viking Age, the area was part of Viken. Oslo was founded as a city at the end of the Viking Age in 1040 under the name Anslo

Here, we will end our adventure at Nordkapp. You will hand over the motorcycles, and we will take care of transporting them to Cluj-Napoca. You will spend the night in Oslo for a well-deserved day of rest, and the following day, you will take a flight back to Romania.


Motorcycle transport Cluj Napoca-Helsinki-Cluj Napoca.

Tourguide on a motorcycle. Detailed route for the tour.

Support var for luggages.

Basic maintenance if necessary but remember that your motorbike is your responsibility.

15 nights accommodation on 3* and 4* hotels and Airbnb(in the cities where we don’t have hotels).

15 complete breakfasts.

Airport transfer if necesarry

At the end of the tour, each participant will receive a video and photos taken and edited by our colleague who will be with us throughout the tour to capture this experience. On this occasion, you will have a memory to share with your friends.

Each participant will receive a personalized GMA T-shirt, stickers, a detailed program, and the GPX route for entire journey.

Motorcycle rental (all motorcycles are insured with Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance).

24 hours technical support.



Daily times are calculated based on distances and the difficulty of the road.

The GMA team will consider the level of each participant, and daily road sections will be adapted so that they can be covered by each participant in this adventure. 

It goes without saying that route modifications may occur, but these changes are part of our adventure.

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